Love & Family

by William and Glenna Marshall

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The songs of our album will take you through our ten years of marriage, our years of longing for children, the blessing of the adoption of our son, and the grace God has shown us in all of it.
The proceeds from this project will help us fund our adoptions.


released March 19, 2013

Glenna Marshall: piano, vocals
William Marshall: acoustic guitar, vocals, percussion
Brandon Blankenship: electric guitar
Josh Govier: bass
Lacy Bennett: cello



all rights reserved


William and Glenna Marshall Sikeston, Missouri

Thanks for stopping by our page and giving our music a listen! We are a thirty-somethings who love to write and play our music for our church in Missouri, where William pastors. We have an energetic 4 year old, Isaiah, who is the inspiration for a lot of our music. We are hopeful that we will add to our family through adoption soon! ... more

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Track Name: Only He Will Be Enough
I will never be enough, I will never measure up
I know all the things you need are things I cannot be
There are corners of my heart that are always selfish and dark
They will never open up or be safe for you

But I was never meant to be enough
I was only meant to hold you up
And our being together is to point to the bigger picture
Of the Church and her Redeemer so that we can show
Only He will be enough, only He will be enough

You will always come up short when it comes to expectations
You will never fill my heart like they say you should
Even though we're satisfied
Well this love we have it does not hide
Our desperate need to be sanctified by the love of Christ

But you were never meant to be enough
You were only meant to lead and love
And our being together is to point to the bigger picture
Of the Church and her Redeemer so that we can show
Only He will be enough, only He will be enough

And this does not nullify that I love you more than my life
We are blessed because we get to play a part
Of a beautiful mystery, a beautiful mystery
Track Name: As Real As It Is Strong
Baby I will walk with you for a thousand miles
But I'm not so sure that my feet could make it out of town
Baby I will hold you through the darkest night
But I figure we'd just fall asleep when you turn out the lights

'Cause it's not all romance, it's not all flowers,
It's not all gold and diamond rings
No, it's more daily, it's hour by hour
And all of the moments in between
It's not the movies, it's not TV, it's not just another song
Baby, it's our love and it's as real as it is strong

Baby if you asked me to I would lasso the moon
But I'd rather just enjoy it with you every clear night in June
And you know that I would die for you if that's what it cost
But I think I'll just die daily and help you take up your cross
Track Name: No Place I'd Rather Be
Catching snowflakes as they fall
Listening to my lover's call
I'm so alive here in this cold
And I just thought that you should know

That there's no place I would rather be
So take my hand and walk with me

I feel the sunshine on my face
And it feels like amazing grace
Such a privilege I know
Just to have you here with me to hold
Track Name: Baby, It's Not Time
Another month passed us by
And still there's no sign of you at all
And oh, how I've tried to think of something new
But Baby it's just you that I ever dream of
We've chosen your name and your room's got fresh paint
The backyard is ready for bare feet and fireflies
Lighting up those baby eyes
But Baby, it's not time

I can't wait for the days when the house is a mess
And you're up all night crying for no reason I can guess
And some people say, "Life is such a pain
With all of the chaos and the toys"
But I'll gladly exchange them all of this quiet for some noise
But Baby, it's not time

And oh how I pray and oh how I plead
These arms are empty, but Baby, they're ready,
Baby, we are ready
For crayons and pillow fights
For bad dreams that keep us up at night
For prayers to keep the monsters away
For band-aids and finger paint
For daisy chains and frogs and snakes
For trying to hold loosely come what may

And Baby, I'll teach you of a God who is wise
Who holds us in His hands so we trust what He decides
Yes, the Savior is all wise
So Baby, if it's not time, Baby, if it's not time
Well, Baby, it's alright
Track Name: All I Can Do
On the best of my days I feel weak
On the rest I feel like half a man
There's a peace in my soul that I can't keep
When I realize it's out of my hands
Lord I realize it's out of my hands

I will hold you, hold you through the night
I will hold you, even though I can't make this right, I will hold you
(And it breaks my heart that I can't make this right)

There are gifts that I know that I can't give
This gift of life takes more than I am
No matter how long I might live
I remain simply a man
I remain simply your man

Sovereign Lord do what I can't do
Help me to love her like You do
Sovereign Lord be what I can't be
Help me to trust You to give what she needs
For only in You can she find what she needs
Track Name: You Are Good
In the midst of my despair, when my sorrows seem to fare
Much better than my joy or delight
To Christ I must flee, whom have I but Thee,
My Love, my Strength, my Life?
In the hands of loving God who is sovereign over all,
Even the circumstance that never seems to change...

You are good in my broken places,
Where I cannot take it You are good
You are good when I turn away,
When my faith is changed You are good
You are good though I don't deserve a glimmer of hope
I can pass through any sorrow, knowing that the Father
Has not dealt what He has not declared to be good (for me)

I want to take my struggles and turn them into troubles
So light and so momentary
So give me the perspective of the Kingdom when I sorrow
Help me realize that You are in control
You are gentle with Your children, and Lord, You always seem
Only to wound so that we'll trust You to heal

And this thing that You are doing is loving
And is moving me to trust like never before
So Lord please come and save us rescue us and heal us
By Your wounds we trust and are healed...heal us...
Track Name: Son Of The King
I could wish for you that you would be six foot six
Could dunk on anyone 'cause you're so fast and quick
I could wish for you that you would be genius smart
Earning three degrees even before you start
I could wish for you, yes I could wish for you

But my hope and my prayer is only for one thing
That you would be a son of the King

I could wish for you that you'd have a good career
Bring the bacon home, vacation twice a year
I could wish for you to have a lovely wife
With all of my grandkids around the table every night
I could wish for you, yes I could wish for you

I don't want the world for you 'cause the world will steal your soul
I just want Christ for you, for in Him you will be whole
Son He's all you'll need to know

You could drive a garbage truck, even get a real tattoo
Dress in funny clothes, if you love Jesus too
You could be a hockey fan and not support the Vols
Even play a horn, if you love Jesus too
Of if you love Jesus, if you just love Jesus
Track Name: Prayer For Isaiah
The world is in your eyes, all is fresh and new
You take my by surprise, uncomplicated you
There is much that I desire though some would be unsure
Success does not appear in this my prayer for you

Be broken, humble, set apart, fear the Lord with all your heart
Of flesh instead of stone, be rich in faith instead of gold
Be known by love and obedience
Boast in Christ and not in man
Seeking first the Kingdom
With God's precious Words always on you tongue

The burden is not light; I feel its heaviness
But to shepherd you, my child, it is my privilege
Though I'm weak and do not know all you need to help you grow
It's enough if all you seek is the Savior who makes me complete

Happiness is overstated, holiness far underrated
It's enough if all you seek is the Savior who makes me complete
Track Name: That Boy Can Dance
Watching V.T. Saturday morning
Bob and Larry ain't got no hands
Oh but when they play their music
It's obvious, the boy can dance

Later on in the afternoon
I'm not sure how he can stand
'Cause it's a couple hours past his nap-time,
But even then the boy can dance

Mama he ain't no Cinderella
And his butterfly kisses will bruise a man
Mama he ain't been known to snuggle
Oh but mama that boy can dance

It's two o'clock in the morning
We've done all that we can
We ain't sleeping anytime soon
So just sit back and watch him dance
Track Name: O For Grace
O for grace to shepherd well
To guard my flock from the fires of Hell
To preach the Word consistently
To lay them at Your mercy seat
Lord I am humbled by Your call
To oversee them one and all
O for grace, grace, grace to shepherd well

O for grace to guide my son
A father whose not on the run
To take the time to laugh and pray
To lead him in the gospel way
He's a blessing from above
Let me show him how much he's loved
O for grace, grace, grace to guide my son

O for grace to love like Christ
A faithful husband to my wife
To overcome my selfishness
To love her more than I love myself
She's a gift Lord like none I've known
I am thankful that she's my own
O for grace, grace, grace to love like Christ

O for grace to live my life
In a way that honors Jesus Christ
To hate my sin and to love Him more
No matter what He has in store
He's my Savior, yes He's my Lord
He's the One I am living for
You're my Savior, You are my Lord
You're the One I am living for
O for grace, grace, grace to live my life
Track Name: You Have No Idea
You have no idea what this day means to us
You were just too busy being born
You have no idea how we've longed and prayed for this
How could you when you're only minutes old?

You're not in control and neither are we
We are all caught up in God's sovereignty
What a beautiful place to have no idea

You have no idea the years of disappointments
Hope and then despair with each turn of the calendar
You have no idea that waiting has been good for us
A blessing though it's hard

We had no idea what God's plans would include
But here is something certain that we've learned:
We had no idea had He given what we asked for,
It never would have brought us to you
Track Name: Love & Family
I'm waking early on a Saturday morning
I spilled my coffee on the couch
There's a little person doing back-flips off the loveseat
I just caught a Lego in the mouth
This is love and family

Yesterday I cleaned up messes all day
The laundry never seemed to end
But the footsteps upstairs are answers to a thousand prayers
And somehow I just cannot complain

This is love and family, and we want to add to the beauty
Every day is a sure and certain sign
That we are desperate for the love of Christ

Just had an argument with my husband
Over socks laying on the floor
But he loves to write me songs
And buys me flowers 'just because'
So I cannot stay angry for long

There are days when I am moody and short-tempered
With the ones I love the most
But they show unending grace and forgiveness just the same
When I am so undeserving of both

Oh Jesus be our portion, supply what we need
Things like mercy and forgiveness
Help us to treasure You the most in this place we call our home
'Cause You are everything we could ever need